• Ideas that win

    Ideas that win in life, are winner ideas, doesn’t mean they are good or bad, but it means they are good at winning.

    Does a winner idea always win? is there a spectrum for winning? would an idea that won in history always win under the same conditions? that’s the margin of error of an idea winning or losing then being adopted from all the world?

    If luck is big factor for an idea to win are all our culture, customs, morality, law… mainly what won with some luck?

  • Avoid the word “value”

    If you don’t use the word “value”, you win!

    This word has many meanings, depends on context. Monetary? socially? emotionally? morally? what?!

    All these meaning could be totally opposite to each other in some context. Saying that someone provides value is super vague, name what he provide, no need to reverse proxy that word behind value.

    Communication is key.

  • Fast technology is ungooglable

    A year ago, I bought a motherboard that was made probably a year earlier. I had issues with it just weeks after buying it, and did not wanna bother with diagnosing it until lately.

    While the motherboard I bought is one of the most popular brands, and one of the most popular series. I still struggled with finding answers online. The main reason being is that my motherboard was short lived, was a first option for a couple of months, then gone.

    I remember when we had Pentium 4 for forever. That happens no more.

  • Innovation halting law

    As a kid, I used to often think about a law that will be introduced worldwide to stop any kind of innovation, the world will conclude that life and technology is good as-is, and that any more of it will hurt as in term of resources usage and societal dynamics.

    Now thinking about it seriously, something like this might make sense. Technology for the most part accelerated resources usage per capita, we are for sure living comfier lives, but that’s objective not subjective. And what’s matter is the subjective. Are we more happy? are our lives more fulfilling? are we more joyful?

    Also do we wanna do what we want, or what’s good for us? we for sure want more, but is more good for us? I don’t now I am asking too.

  • Abstraction of life

    Ideas in life are getting increasingly more abstract. A society is free or not free, individualist or collectivist, a person is open minded or close minded, reserved or outgoing, smart or not smart…

    I don’t find it weird when people over-label others, but when people do it to themselves, it is not normal. This can be because we don’t have as much community interactions as before? we have too much time to think about ourselves?

    Are we searching for what labels we are? are we talking too much about something we lack? do we find it hard to define ourselves?