World Population: Go Big or Go Small?

Overpopulation might seem like a big issue, but for me I do not mind it, in this post I will try to write some arguments why I think so, doesn’t have to be right or wrong, it is just why overpopulation doesn’t keep me awake at night.

The logic of the resources abuse argument goes like: with more people in the world, we use more resources, therefore we abuse resources.

My issue with this, is that it fails to account for that with a lower population, we might use the same amount of resources in a longer period, instead of 10 billion people living through a century, they gonna now live through a millennia and use the same amount of resources. So what’s the difference?

This is of course a simplification of the argument and its counter-argument, a thought experiment if you will. If we think about it a bit more, a bigger population might be a better idea since simply put a bigger population function better.

The myth is that we simply accumulate knowledge from previous generations, and the more time goes, the more progress is made.

This is evidently not true, modern progress is a direct result of population growth, the more people out there, the more discovering out there, the fast we build on other people’s discoveries. It is accumulative knowledge in real time super boosted by an economy of scale of ideas and human resources. No civilization in the past did experience scientific prosperity without a population growth going hand-in-hand.

With a smaller population we might use less resources per capita, but that’s simply because the world economy won’t scale big enough for us to consume as much resources as we desire. So a smaller population is nothing but a controller economical collapse.

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